Carpentry and woodworking are two very similar, but unique building activities. One type is mostly associated with building large structures, such as a home, garage, or shopping mall. The other is more closely associated with smaller projects such as birdhouses. The woodworker is considered more of a hobbyist and the carpenter is a professional in most cases. However, is there really any difference between carpentry and woodworking?

With a carpentry job, you may most likely work on a home or a commercial building from start to finish. They are ones who lay out the foundation and they are the ones who may ensure the concrete is poured properly, that the roof is shingled, and more. Their job is a little bit of everything.

A woodworker may have a variety of things that they build out of wood. For instance, they may build the cabinets for a kitchen, but it is the carpenter that installs those cabinets. The woodworker can do virtually everything that a carpenter can do and vice versa. It is just a title that each one carries and there is a certain amount of responsibility that goes with each one.

In both cases, they must share common traits. For instance, they must both enjoy working to build something new. They both must also go through extensive training, both in school and on the job to be considered a professional. In fact, most develop a love of building and working with wood when they are both in high school studying woodshop or something similar.

Carpenters are also more likely to get paid more than a woodworker. This is mostly due to the skill level required to do everything that must do. It comes after only an extensive time and most carpenters begin as a trainee or “go-fers” before they are allowed to work up to more responsibility.

The thing is, not all people require extensive training to do either one. A person who enjoys woodworking can teach themselves how to build virtually anything that they want. They simply will not be able to do it on a professional level. They can do small projects and if they are able to do it well enough, they can do things for a carpentry company, but they most likely will not be able to start their own business without backing from someone else. The woodworker can create smaller projects, which can be sold for a decent profit.

There are some woodworking projects that require a special tool to be able to make them look great. That is why a true woodworking crafter may have a variety of tools scattered around their workshop. They need different tools for different projects. For scroll work, they may want a scrollsaw or something that can create delicate edges. If they are doing straight cuts they may want a table saw. To shape a toy car or something of that nature, you may be better off to use a chisel or knife, but this takes a lot of practice to master. If you want to create a beveled edge you can use pretty much whatever saw you have on hand. There is a hand tool, power tool, or sander that can give you exactly what you want. You can even use a Dremel to engrave the project when you are done or as a way to further enhance the project you are working on.

With the different tools available, it is hard to always have the tool you want to use at your fingertips if you are not sure what you really need. You can easily look on the computer to find out what may be a great tool for the project you are hoping to do, but then you have to figure out whether you need that tool in a hurry or whether you can wait a little while.

You will most likely find a better deal if you have a little time to shop around and look for the best price on websites. These places often have sales or great deals on used tools. The downside is, you may spend a good bit of time searching and then you have to wait for it to ship. If it is coming from overseas, you may have to wait even longer. Who really has that kind of time when they have their creative juices flowing?

Therefore, you may venture out to a hardware store. Chances are good, the sales representatives will not know what tool is best for what type of job and many tools are overpriced. So, you end up researching online and then venturing out to a few local stores to try and find the best deal. In some cases, you can find a great sale. In some situations, you are better off to visit the manufacturers website and you will still save money if you get it shipped through express mail. At least, saving money over what you would pay to purchase from a local store.

Woodworking is a wonderful hobby for people to become interested in. There are a lot of creative ideas that you can come up with on your own and there are plenty of patterns available if you are unsure what you want to create. With woodworking, there are things that can be done that range from cabinets and shelving to yard ornaments and flower pots. You simply have to free your mind and let the design become beautiful. The biggest issue for some people is trying to design the perfect thing. For instance, chicken coops, bat houses, and bird houses may require a certain build to draw the type of animals that you want. Therefore, you may be stuck trying to sort through and find patterns and many of them cost a small fortune, especially if you venture into a craft store. Instead of paying for something, why not use your resources and find free or low-cost patterns?

The internet is an online community that works wonders for the hobbyist, even those that love woodworking. There are reviews for new tools that you may want to check out. There are places to buy tools and supplies at a discounted price. Best of all, there are a ton of free websites that provide woodworking ideas and patterns. You can find patterns that give you dimensions and step-by-step instructions on pretty much anything that you can imagine.

You can create bookshelves, chests or jewelry boxes, china cabinets, a cabin in the woods, salt and pepper shakers, and all types of other projects. There are even patterns available to tell you how to create a wooden set of speakers and puzzles for your children to put together.

If you find a pattern that you like the idea of, but you feel you could make it better by giving it a little something extra, you can do it. There are no rules and patterns are available for free. You simply have to find something that you feel is worth improving. This may mean finding something that is the approximate shape of what you want and then add your own personal touch and style to it.

Woodworking is a craft. It is a hobby. Some people do it for fun and others try to make a little money off of their creations. Whatever reason you may have for wanting to take part in it, there is no reason you cannot look on the internet for free patterns so that you can create without spending all of your money.